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Drums Are For Parades - Master - LP (White Vinyl)

Image of Drums Are For Parades - Master - LP (White Vinyl)


“Master” produced by Niek Meul and Reinhard Vanbergen (both Das Pop) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Nirvana’s Nevermind..), pun intended, is a masterpiece, just like that. As bold as brass it’s a whirlwind of timeless and audacious sonic attacks on mediocrity and complacency. ”Master” combines the urgency and creative need of your favourite punk records with the unbounded musicality of like-minded free spirits like Fantomas/Tomahawak, Mastodon or even John Zorn. We’re not even going to mention the Melvins or Masters of Reality (featuring the band’s long-time supporter Chris Goss) but fuck it, we just did…“Master” is passionate and pure just like it’s makers. This instant classic of epic and heavy sonic beauty is now also available on top quality final. To enhance your acoustic experience “Master” was especially re-mastered for vinyl.

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