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We first released THE POOL, the first recordings by COCAINE PISS, on limited vinyl in December 2015. Until then it had only been available on tape through "In Dogs We Trust."

It was the beginning of an adventurous journey through the music business, and no one could have predicted how fast the Glittershitstorm would spread.

Following the persistent demand, and in the lead up to the new COCAINE PISS full length in early 2019, we have decided to re-release THE POOL one more time, limited to 300 copies in three shades of piss, 100 each (clear, transparent yellow and transparent orange), with updated artwork and an etched B-side.

The release is set for October 5th. During upcoming COCAINE PISS shows, it will be promoted by special The Pool-sets. After that, there will be no more looking back, and we'll dive headfirst into the future with a first single that will spice up your Christmas dinners.

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