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Alraune - The Process Of Self Immolation - LP

Image of Alraune - The Process Of Self Immolation - LP


(Gilead Media) - Nashville, Tennessee black metal band ALRAUNE have created a small buzz in their short existence through a few demo tracks that have circulated online over the last year or so, along with their recently released two-track cassette on Graceless Recordings. Those whom would themselves experience these tracks received a mere glimpse into the musically progressive, dissonant occult black metal that ALRAUNE unleashed.

With their debut album The Process Of Self-Immolation, it is evident that ALRAUNE will be solidified as one of the most devastating new black metal bands in North America. The Process Of Self-Immolation is an album that unleashes a striking display of visceral, twisted, and chaotic black metal. The compositions within are complex and overwhelming, yet maintain tangibility through the band’s sense of songwriting exploring this sonically melancholic and harsh soundscape.