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Born From Pain - In Love With The End - Lp

Image of Born From Pain - In Love With The End - Lp

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This album is sonic venom, filled with hate and anger. Ironic, as most of the lyrics are inspirational, guiding the listener to fight what drags them down.

Musically, take Slayer, Chaos A.D. Sepultura and classic venomous Hardcore and you'd get this band. Similar to Switzerland's Cataract and Germany's Maroon, ultra heavy, violent metal that keeps the melody to a minimum so that it may punish your ears more effectively.

From the album opener 'Rise or Die' (arguably the best song here), you're just assaulted with thrash breaks, drop grooves, pounding double kick and passionate vocals. Don't expect to feel any emotions from this record other than adrenaline fuled anger, as this bands primary concern is expressing their anger. Their following album would incorporate subtle melodies, but this, and what came before it, is strictly violence. Music that would be a perfect soundtrack to a brawl, because of which, many would pass this band off as tough guy, aggro metal, and they wouldn't be wrong at all, as that's pretty much all this is. But if you enjoy the sound (and I do) this album is a godsend.

As mentioned previously, the bands lyrics are generally positive. Dealing with vague social situations instructing the listener to 'fight your way out'. One dimensional, sure but if there was a lyrics quotable award in metal, this band would be getting nominations left and right.

After all is said and done, if you want inspirational, adrenaline pumping music, check this out, or any of their albums. They're all equally good.

(Text from Metal Archives - Justin Bork)

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